Tallinn Mental Health Center

Tallinn Mental Health Center is a Tallinn City social welfare institution that provides and develops mental health services for adults with psychiatric special needs.

  • Our mission is to support the recovery process, offering mental health services with the highest quality and sharing knowledge about mental health.
  • We offer our clients a comprehensive support that is focused on individual needs.
  • Our aim is that the person with mental health problems could have the best possible quality of life, has purpose and meaning of life and feels oneself as a valued member of society.
  • We create the values of our organisation together with the team, clients and people close to them.
  • We co-operate intensively with other institutions, provide counselling and share information on mental health issues.

Our units

Rehabilitation Team

E-mail: irene.kadu@vaimnetervis.ee

Rehabilitation team provides rehabilitation services that are aimed at promoting independent coping, social involvement and employment. The team draws up an individual rehabilitation plan, indicating the services and activities that enable the client to achieve greater independence.

The department works as a multidisciplinary team and includes a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, occupational therapist and psychiatric nurse. The team makes comprehensive assessments of clients and in addition consults and supports families as well as mental health service providers.

Community Care Team

E-mail: maaris.kameneva@vaimnetervis.ee

Community Care Team provides an opportunity to receive a support person. The service provides individual support in daily life and is based on mutual responsibility and cooperation between the client and the social worker. Individual needs of the particular person are the basis of the service. Household, working, education and spending leisure time are examples of the areas which are supported. In addition, attention is paid to promoting health, self-care and social relations.

Supported Living Home

E-mail: anneli.karik@vaimnetervis.ee

Supported Living Home provides housing service with daily support. This enables to develop necessary skills and habits for coping with daily life in a supportive environment. For this various group trainings take place, but regular individual support and counselling are also available. Achieving greater independence in everyday life is supported in the following areas: self-care, household, use of money, paper work and proceeding with matter, planning daily activities, social integration and social skills.

Haabersti Clubhouse

E-mail: mari.lipp@vaimnetervis.ee

In different units of Haabersti Clubhouse (kitchen, office and changeover work) daily activities and supportive environment are provided for forming necessary work skills for returning to the open labour market. Club members can test themselves at the supported work or practice place. The Clubhouse involves members in a large variety of activities – for example physical exercises, language lessons, sports events, visits to the theatre and cinema etc. The Clubhouse is a place for establishing new relations and finding friends as well as a good opportunity to prepare oneself for entering to the labour market.

Therapy Center

E-mail: viktoria.polovinko@vaimnetervis.ee

The center provides opportunities for developing necessary skills for everyday life, using the methods of therapeutic training group. The groups are specialized in supporting different skills. Participating in the groups supports creative abilities and self-development, communication skills and self-expression. Separate group activities are aimed at supporting and counselling the clients’ families.

Lasnamäe Activity Center

E-mail: erika.suvi@vaimnetervis.ee

In Lasnamäe Activity Center clients can take part in various group and work activities that develop necessary skills for daily life. For that groups with different orientation are working. In the Estonian and English study groups it is possible to improve the command of the language. It is also possible to participate in a cooking group, sporting activities and in a support group for russian speakers. A café is opened in the center. Computers with the Internet access are available.

If you have any questions regarding our center or our services, you can directly contact:

Monika Rand
Head of Communications


Mustamäe tee 50, 10612 Tallinn
Phone: + 372 627 6640
E-mail: tallinn@vaimnetervis.ee